VMware {code} Hackathlon 2023

Every year, fans and virtualization experts meet at the world’s largest VMware Explore event. In this year’s edition, one of the most important events returning after several years of absence will be VMware {code} Hackathon https://blogs.vmware.com/code/2023/05/15/the-vmware-code-hackathon-is-back/.  

This event is always very popular and attracts many people. You can learn the history of all editions from the VMware blog: https://blogs.vmware.com/code/2020/09/09/history-of-the-vmware-code-hackathon/

This is the 7th edition 2023, which will take the form of a 48-hour competition of teams in the form of Open Hack. The competition will begin with the formation of teams and the selection of their captains, who will be able to propose a topic, goals, and technology.

To win, teams will have to demonstrate exceptional skills and cooperation with Team Members.  

Regardless of your programming skills or VMware technologies (vSphere, vSAN, VMware Cloud, Tanzu) it is a good opportunity to present your skills.

Sign up for today: Register for VMware {code} Hackathon

Below is the tentative schedule of the 2023 VMware {code} Hackathon event:

Key DatesHackathon Agenda
May 15VMware {code} Hackathon 2023 announcement
May 15–July 20Registration for new Hackathon teams, new team members and proposals (remember to send us your photos and bios) 
July 21Coding kickoff for all teams
July 21–August 20Weekly team meetups/Zoom calls
August 21Hackathon presentation day! Includes final coding, demos, judging, winner announcements with team photos and closing celebration

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